Friday, November 25, 2011

Greetings on this Black Friday! LOL I have always found that term to be silly! Below is an interesting tool for those of you who use Skype. If you are interested in recording your conversations or client sessions. This may be a simple, affordable solution! Here's what they say about their product... "Riviera for Skype is a Skype call recorder. It automatically records Skype calls and conversations to MP3 files. Very convenient for recording interviews, tech talks, conferences, audio casts, pod casts for learning later, etc. You may get more food for thought from Riviera for Skype 3.6.25549 home page: " Happy Friday!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Upcoming Telesummit!

I just discovered this FREE telesummit that starts Oct 12th and runs for a month. It looks amazing and I thought you'd like to know about it! BE that brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous Goddess you're meant to be!

You should check it out now!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

DaKara's Musing: Fall... a time to BE

DaKara's Musing: Fall... a time to BE: As we collectively step into fall in the northern hemisphere, take a moment to express Gratitude for all in your life. Fall is a time to e...

Fall... a time to BE

As we collectively step into fall in the northern hemisphere, take a moment to express Gratitude for all in your life.

Fall is a time to embark on a new inner journey. As we dance into fall and move to deeper slumber in the winter season. What is stirring within you that wants attention?

Take time each day to be the peace that you truly are. Be present with your self, say for 2 mins a day. Put down the cell phone, turn off any other distracting noise. Sit in you car at a parking lot and just BE.

May the wonderment of fall touch you deeply.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Money Rampage Video from Abraham-Hicks

Ester Hicks who channels the Abraham group states “Say What Isn’t Until It Is.”
What a great example of being in the energy of what you want!

Click here to go on a wonderful rampage with money!

Watch this video... allow the energy of it to raise your vibration!
I know it raised my vibration and I was hooting and singing to money by the end!

Share it with others!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy New Moon in Taurus! Abundance check time!

May 13th - 6:04 pm PDT 23 degrees
If you know a bit about Astrology, find 23 degrees of Taurus in your chart, focus your intention on that house in your chart.
For instance my Taurus is in my 10th house. Final degree as the doorway to my 11th house is 24 degrees of Taurus.
So tonight I will make some wonderful intentions around Career and being seen in the world right after the new moon crests.
Then later in the evening or tomorrow, I will set intentions for the 11th house energy which is groups, friends and leaving a legacy.
When we add this element into the mix of writing our new moon checks it adds additional power.

For New Moon Abundance check reminder details,
please visit

This is a powerful new moon!
I invite you to set powerful intentions as we move deeper into spring!

Have fun and play with the Universal Checks I created for use as new
moon checks... go to the link above and then click on "What are Abundance Checks?" you will then see the check and can click on either a print one or print 3 per page option!

Happy Manifesting!